Injured at Work? Los Angeles Injury Attorneys Can Help

When accidents happen at work, Los Angeles attorneys that specialize in injuries recommend very different steps as compared to regular personal injury claims.  The laws in California are very clear about the differences between personal injury and workers compensation cases. How a party responds to an injury will dictate their recovery and financial options when filing a claim.

The following steps will help accident victims, no matter whether their injury is at work or in their off time:

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Most people recognize that they should seek medical help as soon as an injury occurs. However, for work injuries, even the most minor of injuries should be reported immediately. For personal injuries outside of work, it is enough to seek medical assistance and keep all documents related to treatment.

Follow Employer Protocol

Report all injuries to a supervisor or human resources professional to ensure that the company is on top of a worker’s injury claim from day one. Most companies establish a specific protocol for handling on-the-job accidents. This documentation is necessary so that workers will not need to bear any financial burden for work-related injuries. A minor injury could potentially turn into a major health issue later on so reporting immediately is always the best action.

File Workers Compensation Claim

All California employers are required to have workers compensation insurance. This coverage pays for medical treatment for injured employees. It also protects employers from lawsuits. In certain cases where employer negligence may be the cause of a worker injury, it is important to discuss the injury with an accident attorney. Not all injuries require a lawsuit, but professional Los Angeles injury attorneys can discuss options for injured workers.

Choosing Los Angeles Injury Attorneys

Finding an attorney to represent an injury claim can be challenging. Rushing into a decision by choosing the first attorney noticed in an advertisement may not be the best method available. Instead, personal injury claimants should look for competent attorneys that offer experience in worker and personal injuries. Referrals from friends or families can be an excellent way to find an experienced injury attorney. Always meet potential attorneys for a consultation to determine which legal provider will be the best fit.

When seeking help with personal and worker injuries, it is always a good idea to consult with experienced Los Angeles injury attorneys. Their expertise and knowledge of California injury laws protects client rights and ensures that injured people get the medical care and financial compensation they need for a full recovery.

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