Who are Rochester Corporate Attorneys?

Normally, business or corporate attorneys work only for single entities, which would be the businesses or corporations who’ve hired them.

However, sometimes there may be more than one corporate attorney who is employed at each business or corporation. Smaller businesses may have one or two corporate attorneys on staff, whereas larger companies may have several. And, sometimes each lawyer at a large corporation may have their own area in which they specialize.

In addition, certain companies, including banks, hospitals, and manufacturing companies, may require the services of business or corporate attorneys full-time, as they may have increased amounts of liability for the clients which they serve.

Also, Rochester business or corporate lawyers may be called “In-House Counsel,” or “Staff Attorneys,” at some corporations.

The principal goal of these lawyers has usually been to advocate for the best interests of the company, and not only for the corporation’s owners, or the employees who may manage the company.

Additionally, not only do business or corporate attorneys provide companies with legal counsel, they also provide help with issues such as mergers and acquisitions, commercial business law, trademark law, or tax law.

Educational Background

Most lawyers, including corporate lawyers, hold a Juris Doctorate degree.

And, in order to work with a business or corporation, the lawyer will likely have had to have earned his or her degree from an institution which has been qualified by the American Bar Association.

They may also be required to have a license to practice within the state in which they have been employed by the company.

And, when it comes to federal court, should the need arise, business and corporate lawyers must also acquire additional approval to represent a company or business in federal court.

As a result, most business or corporate attorneys decide to continue their education beyond receiving their Juris Doctorate, as a way to augment their knowledge for the businesses or corporations in which they serve.

Job Qualifications

Corporate or business attorneys must have experience in a number of areas.

They are usually required to have previous experience in business law, and/or experience in the business or industry in which the company may currently work.

It can also be helpful for corporate attorneys to have good interpersonal and negotiation skills.

Additionally, working for businesses or corporations may require corporate attorneys to be comfortable in a fast-paced environment.

They may have to meet with board members, as well as management, often, in order to give legal advice and counsel to the businesses and corporations for which they work.

Additional responsibilities a corporate or business attorney may have include:

  • Discussing employee contracts
  • Creating and filing federal documents
  • Reviewing contracts with merchants and/or subcontractors
  • Dealing with issues of compliance
  • Creating employee handbooks and/or procedural guidelines
  • Representing the company at board meetings and/or in court proceedings
  • Providing support to additional lawyers who may have been hired to help the company, or business, in special situations

Job Pay and Security

The pay for a corporate attorney may range anywhere from $66,000 to $170,000.

The salary a corporate attorney may make depends upon the amount of experience he or she may have, the type of company or employer for which the attorney may work, and the area in which the company is located.

Lawyers who have just graduated typically are paid salaries at the lower range of the spectrum.

In addition, corporate attorneys often find job opportunities through networking, or asking other legal professionals in their industry.

Keeping in touch with their legal colleagues may improve their chances of seeking employment in the future.

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