Rochester NY Pest Control Services “Treat the Source”

Home, office and building owners in Rochester New York who are considering pest prevention for their property know that successfully treating for pests isn’t just a matter of spraying insecticide around corners and in crawl spaces. It’s more complicated than that. Successful pest control in Monroe County demands that you look at big picture. Don’t just get rid of the pests but eliminate where the pests are coming from.

Look Before You Leap

Think about it. You would just leap off a tree or a boat or diving board without insuring how deep the water below is, right? Well, it’s the same thing with pest control. You don’t want to just start spraying without know what you are spraying for and where. Successful pest control surfaces will spend just as much time looking outside of your home as inside. It’s essential that home pest control focuses outside, where pests live and breed.

And not only that, use of insecticide has become a true science. What works for eliminating termites will not be as effective in eliminating ants or mosquitoes. So again, pest control technicians will benefit greatly by inspecting you property inside and out and then creating a solution that hits pests at their source and in a way that last a long time.

The Big Three

There are dozens of insects that can wreak havoc on a home and that may be a conservative estimate at best. Many homes deal with the “Big Three” which are ants, termites and mosquitoes.

Successful pest control for each begins with an inspection of your property. Ant problems originate outside the home or office while termites take up residence wherever there is untreated or older wood. Mosquitoes go where it’s dark, damp and humid. It’s vital when successfully treating these minions that pest control technicians find the source and treat it and then do follow-up. As a property owner you can decide how often you should undergo recurrent treatment on your property but most pest control services in Monroe County recommend seasonal visits but qualified technicians.

Technology That Counts

Professional pest control relies on professional and modern technology. A spray can of the latest brand of insecticide rarely resolves your infestation problems! That is why technicians often use a multi-layered approach to treating your property. Finding the sources of ants and termites for example may demand infrared cameras or goggles. Insect traps and liquids may be more efficient than sprays.

Protect What Matters Most

You don’t need more than a few fingers to count what’s important in your life: your family and your property and your physical well-being are all at the top of the list. That is why it is important to go with pest control services that are established, are trained and certified and provide you with a guarantee of service provided. Most of all, you want the peace of mind that the insects or pests will not be eliminated at the expense of your health.

Professional pest control services of Rochester ensure safe reliable protection against those small, annoying culprits won’t negatively impact your property or your daily life.

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