Rochester Roofing Contractors “The Hard Truth”

Fact: in Monroe County there is a drawer-full of roofing contractors. Another Fact: If you’re a home owner (and in Rochester NY there are a LOT of home owners) you know full well that the roof maintenance of your home is a major expense. In fact, the cost of a new or repaired roof can outweigh that of a new car. And honestly, the car analogy only goes so far. A warrantee for 100,000 miles may sound like a good deal but your new roof needs to last a good ten years or more at a minimum. That’s why it is important that you not only choose wisely but do your research prior to signing a contract with roofing contractors.

The Price is not Always Nice

Of course we’re all out to save money and cut corners but when it comes to roofing contractors, a low price is not always the end-game. When you shop around for the right contractor you’ll discover the average price. Some may be a little lower than others. And other may be significantly cheaper. As a home owner you’d do well to keep all price bids in perspective. Substandard work costs less for a reason! The price of the job is at least as important as the reputation of the contracting firm and the or overall experience of the contractors.

Important Criteria

Now that pricing is out of the way we can focus on other criteria when choosing a roofing contractor in Rochester NY. Typically the contract manager or representative is going to want to take a look at your house. He needs to get measurements. He may or may not hop up on the roof and get a close-up. He may snap a photo of two. At this point what he needs to do and what you need to make sure he does is give you a written estimate. We’re talking a detailed, written proposal that you can examine at your leisure but that the contractor should also go over with you for complete descriptions of the work to be done and certainly that includes the start and finish date. The cost and how the payment can be broken down if you are not able to hand over a lump sum after roof is renovated.

Safety First 

Face it: the best deal in town means nothing if the roofers are scurrying about on your roof with a minimum of supervision and little or no protection. Ask your potential contractor to recap his quality-control procedures. Request the name of the foreman for the project and how many individuals will be on site. Ask if the laborers are certified and trained or just passing through. This is not privileged information. You are entitled to know.


Well there you are: you have been given a price for the project at hand. You have the written estimate that explains what the work entails. You were told when the project would begin and when it should end. You are impressed with the safety standards maintained. It all looks very good. Now take a step back and check around. Look for and speak with prior clients. Check the Better Business Bureau for online feedback. There are quite a few resources in Monroe County. The reason for this is that after the contractor tells you how great a job he will do you want to cross-check with actual customers. It’s worth the time and effort.

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