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Professional home insulation is one thing that will pay big dividends during the cold winters and hot summer months so typical in Rochester New York. You want to keep the heat or cool air in the house depending on the time of year. A qualified insulation contractor is what you need, a company who can install specific types of thermal insulation; whether it’s spray foam, fiberglass or cellulose. But there’s a little more to finding a professional insulation contractor than talking to friends or checking the internet for contractors. You need to know what insulation works best for your house.

In Your Corner

There are a few resources in particular that will make your search for a good insulation contractor in Monroe County a lot easier. First and foremost is NAIMA, otherwise known as the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association. NAIMA has the distinction of being the voice of the insulation industry and exists to help individuals – be they home owner, business owner, architect or builder – in their installation of insulation. NAIMA also provides advice on installation issues using a variety of insulation materials.

At the other end of spectrum is the Department of Energy, which offers a resource list for anyone needing to find an insulation contractor and also the local chapter of the Better Business Bureau in Monroe County. All three of these entities are in your corner and can assist you in making an educated choice on an insulation contractor.

Know Your R-Value

In simplest terms, the R-value is a measure of thermal resistance. It also represents the thickness of the insulation, in theory, the higher the R-value, the better the effectiveness of the insulation material. Most contractors’ probably won’t expect you to know what the R-value is or should be, so good on you for bringing it up. Get the R-value info and confirm with a NAIMA representative if need be.

R-values are determined not only by the material type but also by the thickness and in some cases weight per square foot. Every type of insulation has a different range of R-value per inch, and the Federal Trade Commission does not allow insulation to be marked by its R-value per inch, except in very limited cases. You want a guarantee of a specific R-value.

FTC Support

U.S. Federal Trade Commission regulations dictate that insulation installers in Monroe County and elsewhere are obligated to give their customers a contract or receipt for the insulation installed including the coverage area Depending on the material, the contractor must also tell the number of bags used and the number and thickness of the air spaces, the direction of heat flow, and the R-value. All receipts must be dated and signed by the installer.

How Much Insulation

As a customer you are protected by law to know the exact area of insulation that was installed. So it’s important that you check that the proper amount is installed in your home. You can do this by having the contractor place vertical rulers in your attic to help you see that the proper depth of insulation was installed.
Inspect the Insulation Work
Post-insulation, always inspect your home to ensure that the insulation was correctly installed. Ask questions when necessary and demand quality. Whenever possible inspect the insulation before the builders put up the drywall, because afterward it’s too late to make corrections. In Rochester NY you never want to compromise. Not with insulation.
Your house is a huge investment for you and your family. Proper insulation ensures you live well and live safely.

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