Rochester NY Windows “Experts make the difference”

There’s nothing worse than having a poorly installed window in your Rochester NY home! Not only does it look bad, but in terms of energy efficiency poor window installation means more energy use, which means more money out of your pocket to pay the bills. Choosing a professional window installer in Monroe County ensures that right type of window will be installed in your home in an aesthetic and energy-efficient manner.

Go With the Pros

As you begin your search for a qualified window installer in Rochester NY remember: you can’t go wrong with a certified professional. Look for certification from the American Window and Door institute or cross-check credentials at a site like Installation Masters. This lets you know that the window installer met the standards established by the manufacturer. In fact, some major manufacturers recommend installers specifically trained and certified for their products. Going with a professional can only help in the long run.

Check and Double-Check

Certified or manufacturer-trained window installers in Rochester NY assure that the contractor has met or exceeded training standards but you still need to check references. The Better Business Bureau is THE resource customer ratings and comments. Additionally, your contractor should expect that you look for references based on his work. Stores that sell window materials often have a list of independent installers.  When dealing with individuals in Monroe county, always ask for the full name and address of the company, how long it has been in business, and proof of insurance carried and licensing if required in your state. Does the company offer a warranty on its work?


A window doesn’t just magically install itself, despite what the contractor may want you to believe. A professional installer won’t hesitate to explain the installation process to you. It’s not about how the long the job will take. Details count. Will the contractor arrive on site with the new windows ready to install or will remove the old ones first and leave gaping holes in your wall? A full understanding of labor and material costs is paramount. You deserve an estimate that includes the entire process from A-Z.

Estimates Count

Everything up to now has been about finding a qualified window installer. You should have realized by now that you never want to settle on just one individual. That’s why you shop around. Get multiple bids and look them over. Talk to the contractor in person. Take your written estimate and cross-check with another installer about complete specifications like window brand, number of windows, their size and type, plus any add-on features.

Narrow it Down

There are a lot of window brands out there and every contractor in Rochester NY has his favorites. You want to know that what you are installing will hold up under extreme weather conditions. Get a list of the window brands and/or types that your installer is recommending and check them out. This is more research on your part but again, it’s always better to be informed.

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