Wood Flooring Installations

There’s no denying that hardwood floors add a real touch of class to any home in Rochester NY. Sure you can try to install wooden floors yourself but wouldn’t you rather have a competent professional with the proper tools and training seamless put all the wooden panels to together? Qualified wood floor installers in Monroe County are easy to come by if you know where to look and how.


Wood floors are not usually the type of thing you can just ask your friends about. A lot of homes may have wood floors from several years ago. Your best bet is to hit the internet and start looking. Reputable installers in Rochester NY may have a showroom. Others may have a photo-book so you can see the finished work. Some sites, like the Better Business Bureau are free and provide customer comments about businesses in Monroe County. Look for wood floor installers in the hardwood flooring section of our local yellow pages. Stores that sell flooring materials may also have access to independent contractors. All resources are valuable if it allows you to create an image of what your floor will look like.

Size Matters

The size of your room will dictate the price so get a correct measurement! You can check for r exact square-footage on the floor plan of your house. However, once you select a contractor (you should select several. More on that in a second) they will most certainly come to your house and take a measurement in order to give you an estimate.

Speaking of Estimates

Never settle for just one estimate. And remember an estimate should include labor and materials. Independent wood floor installers are usually open to negotiation so don’t go with the first price thrown at you. In fact, most contractors will give you a high estimate if they think you’re in a hurry to get the work done. Take your time, compare estimates and contractors.

The contractor will use a rolling-wheel measurement device and probably a tape measure. Generally, contractors tend to “over measure” which means they add an additional 10%    overage to account for waste associated with cutting the wood.

Ask Questions

So you’ve picked several contractors in Rochester NY. They seem to have received decent reviews. They came and gave you an estimate based on the size of the room to be finished. Now it’s time to ask some questions. Will they move your furniture or will you? Will they seal off other rooms in an effort to keep the rest of your home clean? Will they re-size/cut your existing baseboards to ensure a snug fit of the wood flooring to be installed. And finally, confirm that any cutting will take place outside of your home. If you knew all the answers you’d do the work yourself, but you don’t have all the answers, so ask!

All in a Day’s Work

A typical room in can be completed with wood floors installed in a day. The research you do in order to find a professional wood floor installer will take a little bit longer but the extra time and effort will be worth it every time you walk on your new floor.

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