Rochester Pet Sitting Services; Be Kind to your Pet “They are Family Too!”

If you have a dog or cat or any other type of pet you know that it is not just an “animal”. It is a part of your family! And like any member of your family you want to make sure it is well care for if you have to go out of town. In fact, an ever-growing number of pet parents are avoiding kennel, boarding and daycare facilities in and around New York City. Not because they aren’t good, but because a pet-sitter provides a more intimate, hands-on environment. This, coupled with the difficulty of finding reliable, around-the-clock animal care service, has spawned the need for firm guidelines on selecting professional care for pets.

Choose Well

When it comes to your pet, it’s not just a matter of checking on-line and picking the first name that comes up. Selecting just the right sitter to care for a pet and home is a very personal decision that should not be taken lightly. In fact, there are a number of hard, fast rules for contracting a pet-sitter to best meet each pets’ unique needs – and the owners’ appropriately high expectations. Taking even a few relatively simple steps into account before entrusting your pet to a sitting service can better assure your loved one receives affection, attention and skilled treatment it needs and deserves. The comfort in knowing your pet is in good hands is priceless.

Check and Double-Check

Check all of the pet sitter’s references. At least three should be voluntarily provided. Take the time to conduct a pre-interview with your potential sitter to observe interactions and establish a “comfort level” for you, the pet(s) and your sitter. Make sure your sitter has phone and email access 24/7. Ensure the sitter can accommodate both your desired vacation schedule, especially during busy holidays, and the pets daily feeding and walking schedule. Another point often overlooked is that the sitter must have a backup plan if he or she is pulled away due to an emergency that prevents them from completing your assignment. Confirm that your sitter will leave you a written report so you know what occurred (both good and bad) while you were away.

Don’t Assume

Treat your dog like you would like to be treated. Don’t assume that you can leave your pets alone and unattended in your home with a large supply of food and water while you’re away. Pets can easily knock over their food bowls or feeders, lock themselves in rooms, get their claws caught in soft materials, choke on food or hairballs, cause unforeseen damage to items in your home, and could be trapped should a fire or other unforeseen emergency occur in or near your home or apartment Don’t believe that pets left alone for long period of time are immune to emotional distress. Complete solitude for days on end can make an animal depressed, lethargic and possibly aggressive toward its owner when they arrive home.

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