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There have definitely never been so many options before when it comes to finding a good printing company in Monroe County. All of the printers have particular specialties, and many of them have their weak spots. But what is it that sets one apart from the others? If you’ve never really worked with a printing company before in Rochester NY, or if you’ve always worked with the very same printing company, it can be hard to know what to look for.

Seek Out and Diversify

First off, consider the type of printing job you need to get done. Some printers do only one type of printing. Maybe they only do inserts for example. Some printers are all digital while others are only offset. This can be great if that’s all you need. But if your business’ needs are dynamic and you may need posters one week, business cards the next, and inserts after that you’ll have to constantly establish new relationships with printers in order to get all your jobs done. This can be time-consuming because you’ll have to learn the specific instructions for uploading files, sending in custom jobs, etc. for each individual printing company every time you send in a new job. Better to find one or two printers that do a variety of jobs and do them well.

Check the Product 

Swatch books of samples looks impressive but whenever possible try to get referrals so you can see jobs that have actually been filled. Word of mouth is the best type of advertising around Rochester NY. You fellow merchants know which printers are good and which ones do shoddy work. And the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. If a printing job is well-produced it shows in the final product.

Time is Money

Some color printing companies seem to offer great deals on everything from business cards to posters, but the problem can be a matter of time. If you have infinite time to receive your product, then you have nothing to lose in hiring such a company. But be prepared to wait. The most successful businesses don’t have that kind of time and neither do you.

That said; don’t be fooled by incredible offers. Consider the job and time involved when choosing a color printing company. Again, some printing companies offer what appear to be incredible prices on printing certain products. Then you go through all the steps and hoops to design your printed piece, only to find out that “shipping and handling” costs as much as the product itself. A better idea is to go with a company that clearly tells you how much a job costs and how long it will take. Disclosures at the outset won’t get you crazy with surprises at the end. 

Printers in Monroe County who know their worth also know that they live by every job they do.    At the same time, your business depends on well-printed advertising so choose well and both you and the printer will continue to do business.

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