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Jewelry design is riding a crest of popularity more than ever before. If you go to an art show or craft fair there are usually more jewelry designers than any other artisan present. When you are looking for a jewelry designer in Rochester NY to create something unique for you, where do you look? Well the good news is that is no shortage of good designers or where to go to find them! Depending upon the complexity of your project, your budget, and how soon you need the item, you will have no problem finding jewelry designers in Rochester NY! 

The Search Begins 

The obvious choice is the internet or yellow pages. Just Google “jewelry designer” you might also check the Artisans Guild of Rochester NY or Monroe County. Other options are to check the Art Fair /Craft Show listing for the local area. Like we said, in this region there are a lot of jewelry designers. You just need to narrow your search. 

Start with a Sketch 

Once you find an artist, you’ll want to visit their studio to see the work in person. Call that artist and discuss your project ideas. A good way to start is with a sketch of what you envision. The artist should be able to take your idea and expand upon it. At the same time, a simple pendant design may require no special skills but if you’re looking for something complex such as ornate rings or bracelets you may need an artist who has specific experience.

You’ll note that some artists work for a flat fee, based on estimated hours of work or a percentage of the retail price of the finished jewelry item. Other artists prefer to set an hourly rate and if this is the case, be sure to get a firm estimate. That way, if the artist isn’t able to create the design in a reasonable amount of time, you’re both free to cancel the work.

Budget before Beauty

Every city has an arts district and Rochester NY is no different. The Anderson Arts building is a good starting point as is Village Gate Mall which is right next door. Most jewelers in these kinds of neighborhoods carry their own jewelry, exclusively. For a price, they’ll create unique pieces for you, too. The decision is juggling your vision versus what the cost will be. Once you’ve located a few designers in your price range, the next issue is the metal they use.

(Not so) Precious Metals

Some jewelers in Rochester NY work with less expensive metals such as copper, bronze, and silver. Although the techniques are generally the same with gold or silver, your designer should be familiar with the metal that you want. Further, special equipment may be necessary. Gold can be worked with hammers and other hand tools, but the design that you envision may need to be cast. Casting metal, especially gold, is a very different process from a simple hammered or an engraved band.

The Finished Product

Jewelry does not have the repeat-buy ratio that other items do. But it’s always good to remember who you bought from. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but jewelry designers certainly make good company as well!

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