Rochester NY Janitors Service, Professionals make the Difference

Finding a janitor service is tougher than it looks. It’s a dirty, thankless job and it’s not easy to find trustworthy and consistent employees who don’t mind turning up their sleeves and come to work every day. In Monroe County there are several professional organizations and many independent contractors that are dedicated to cleaning up your mess. As a potential customer, you need to find out whether the janitorial service you select is motivating their personnel to provide you with great service. You want a full package of service. Not just someone who will sweep your floors.

The Big Picture

Many janitorial companies hire janitors and simply pay them by the hour. There is a serious problem with this approach because hourly workers are not given any incentive to please you or to try to satisfy you for the long term! If the janitor does not perform they may get transferred to another account or worse yet get terminated. As a result, hourly workers often fail to provide quality service. You can see this type of worker everywhere from fast-food chains to department stores and it’s not pretty. These are the employees who fail to restock the toilet paper in the men’s room or forget to take out the trash in every office.

Conversely, the most effective way for a janitorial service to attract and retain good janitors (and the ones you should seek out) are companies that provide their employees with financial incentives to perform better. Some companies offer “ownership” of janitorial accounts to their cleaning personnel whereby they share in the profit if they retain an account for a certain period of time. Under this model, cleaning personnel are very interested in keeping you satisfied long term.


Ask the janitor service for references and take the time to contact them before you sign on for any cleaning service. The best way to avoid wasting time hiring and firing poor janitorial companies is to actually call the references! A reference can tell you more in a minute than a salesperson will in an hour. Furthermore, consider the hiring process of the company you may be dealing with. Does the janitorial service generate a lot of applications, or do they use anybody that walks through their front door? Do they hold screening interviews? Do they perform background checks? Do they train their employees? These are all steps janitorial companies can take to make sure they’re sending quality people out on the job.


Integrity may seem like an odd quality when we’re talking about cleaning a toilet. But you want an employee or an entire janitor service to have a sense of ownership in what they are doing. When problems arise, you want to make sure that the person responsible for managing your account is genuinely concerned with providing consistent, quality service. This person needs to be committed to quickly resolving your problems in a manner that is satisfactory to you.


Ask each janitorial service that you interview if they have general liability insurance. If they say yes, ask them to send you (directly from the insurance provider) a certificate of general liability insurance so you can verify that the policy is currently in force. If they say no, then you should consider not hiring this janitorial service.

The purpose of the liability insurance is to cover any losses that arise from injuries or damages associated with the janitorial company’s cleaning of the building. For example, if a customer slips and falls on the bathroom floor while the janitor is mopping, the janitorial company’s liability insurance policy should cover the costs associated with the customer’s injuries.

A Clean Sweep

Again, your janitorial service is only as good as the people who clean your home or building. In Rochester NY you want individuals that are committed to doing the right thing day in and day out. You don’t want mistakes to be swept under the carpet!

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