Rochester NY Video Production Services

Lights, cameras, action! In Monroe county, the first step in selecting video production services is deciding what video or videos you need and how you’ll use them. Are you shooting video of your wedding or family event or is video to be used as a marketing tool? The second step is deciding between a production company, a freelancer or an agency. In Rochester NY, you can find the right video production service, you just need to get your priorities in order and stay focused (no pun intended)!

Your Vision, Their Production

Video production services are a dime a dozen until you actually see the product. These days most video production services shoot on HD video. The easiest method of deciding if the video production service is a good fit is to check out the company’s work online and look at their product reel. The product reel shows examples of the studio’s best work. Next, talk to them about how they approach projects, turnaround time and the type of equipment they use. And above all, make sure the studio can accept your vision or idea and translate it into useable video. And finally, you want to know how much it will all cost. And that means you have a decision to make. Some studio’s charge a flat rate by the project. Others charge by the other and still others charge by the minute (of video shot/produced). Which is why a lot of times people settle for friends or family members.

This is Art?

Production value is important and should match the creative concepts of you. It doesn’t matter if you are shooting a wedding or your son’s First Communion, the studio should use a tripod. The video should be stable and in focus. If the end product looks like it was shot during a earthquake then obviously you’re going to have issues. In other words, stay away from production companies that don’t produce the kind of work you’re looking for. For example, if you want comedy videos, go with a production company that has comedy directors and funny videos they’ve produced. Otherwise, even the best ideas will fall flat.


Most video production services in Rochester NY cross-pollinate with other production houses if they need special effects work done or something that really is a niche item for your video. Spell out to your producer if what you need will go online or is for private use only. Social media concerns might not matter if it’s your wedding we’re talking about. That said, most video production companies in Monroe county are great at producing a variety of video content. Some develop ideas, some don’t. But they all are professional of some capacity.

That’s a Wrap

In the end, it’s all about you and your idea. You want the video product service you select in Rochester NY to respect your idea and produce what you want in a professional manner. Even the simplest idea can look like a Hollywood blockbuster if the right care and equipment are involved!

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