Shopping for a Mattress?

It’s not an exaggeration to say that a person probably spends about 1/3rd of their lives on a mattress! That mileage may vary depending on how many hours one sleeps each night, but it’s easy to see that a mattress is one of the most important furniture items in a home! In Monroe County, there are dozens, if not hundreds of variables involved when it comes to purchasing retail mattresses. Do you buy online? At a specialty store in Rochester NY or at a big Department Store? Each may have its benefits, but at the end of the day, what counts the most is that you’re getting a good night’s sleep!

Shopping Around

You’ve seen some ads, checked some websites and pinpointed some stores. Your next priority is to set aside some time to properly try the mattress in person. Remember: buying retail mattresses is like driving a car: you need to get behind the wheel. Or in this case you need to get under the sheets! Set aside an afternoon to go mattress shopping.

Believe it or not most of the better stores will have a process in place to help you find the right mattress. But the key is to take the time to try the mattresses out.

Once you’ve narrowed down which retail mattresses offer the proper support and relieve the most pressure, it’s important to spend some time on that mattress to make sure it works for you. If you’re having trouble deciding between two mattresses, spend several minutes on each one. Whichever mattress supports you longer in a given position (without you tossing and turning) is likely the better mattress. Give the mattress a workout.

Check for Proper Support

This means being in proper alignment from head-to-toe. Also check for comfort, which is a feeling of no pressure to the sensitive parts of your body like shoulders and hips. Keep in mind that mattress specialty stores tend to give you better service, while online stores tend to give you better prices to start. Shop around and take advantage of price-to-beat guarantees. Since online prices tend to be lower, make the brick and mortar store beat their prices to earn your business.

Price vs. Comfort

A quality mattress and box spring can run as little as $800.00 to as much as several thousand. If you are looking for foam than expect to pay even more. It all comes down to price versus comfort versus what you are willing to pay. If you consider the lifespan of your mattress (at least 5 years or more) that puts the price into somewhat better perspective. Just divide the price of the mattress by 12, 24, 48 or 72 months and it’s almost like you are purchasing a car.

Good Night

Monroe county has a mattress out there with your name on it. Take the time to visit a variety of stores and don’t be in a rush to purchase the mattresses you find. Sometimes you literally have to “sleep on it!” Your dreams of Rochester NY will be a lot sweeter thanks to a sound mattress investment and a good night’s sleep!

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