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Several adults may one day face the problem of having a missing tooth, due to a variety of factors, such as the aging process, an unsuccessful root canal, accidents, or other reasons. However, in case you one day face the problem, it’s important to realize that, today, there may be several options to replace lost teeth which are available.
Most recently, dental implants have become one of the most popular methods used by dentists to replace missing teeth. And following behind at a close second, are methods involving bridges and dentures.
A dental implant requires an orthopedic surgeon to surgically implant a replacement tooth into the jawbone of a patient, by placing titanium rods into the place in the jaw where the normal root of a tooth would be. As a result, most dentists say this causes the implant to look, and behave, more like a real tooth than other dental options would, since, over time, the rod actually begins to connect to the jawbone, as though it were actually the root of your original tooth.
If you are considering whether to purchase dental implants as an option for tooth replacement, here are a few pros and cons which may help you along the way!
The Pros
Most dentists say the best thing about dental implants is that, the replacements the implants provide will be the closest fit to your original teeth you will find. They’ve also said that dental implants have more strength and durability than bridges or dentures, which will allow the fixtures to stay in place, and patients to avoid problems such as spaces between the teeth or struggles with talking or eating, which is something they may experience with bridges or dentures.
Dental implants may also stop the jawbone from deteriorating, once the fixtures for the replacement teeth have been applied, according to dentists. The implants also have additional benefits, such as no movement of the new teeth, since they will be secured in place, and are unable to become loosened.
By comparison, bridges and dentures may need to be replaced more often than dental implants; at about every 10 years, compared to only every 20 years for dental implants.
The Cons
The biggest con which usually factors into whether or not patients decide to replace their missing teeth with dental implants is the cost. Normally, the cost of receiving dental implants is more than other simple procedures, such as acquiring bridges or dentures. Yet, some dentists offer financing options for their patients, and the price may vary, depending on whether you may only need one replacement tooth, or whether several teeth need to be replaced with the implants. So, be sure to ask your dentist what types of financing or payment options he or she may have available, if you are considering purchasing implants, and are concerned about the cost.
Another concern patients who may be considering purchasing dental implants, should be aware of is, the time it will take to complete the procedure. Usually, the process involves multiple surgeries, and an additional several months of waiting for the implant to finally link to the jawbone.
And, as with any major surgery, you’ll want be aware of all the risks which may be involved with the surgery, such as possible infection in the implant, and whether any additional surgeries may be needed in order to strengthen the jaw, in order for it to support the implants. If you do receive dental implants, and happen to face any problems with the implants, they will likely have to be removed, and the problems fixed, by your dentist.
As a result, it’s very important to look for both a reputable, and well-trained, dentist when you are considering purchasing dental implants. That way, you will be sure to find the most capable dentist for the job.
In the long run, if you are considering purchasing dental implants, use these pros and cons to help you in your search to find the best options available! Good luck!

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