Problem Solving Your Rochester HVAC Unit

Over time, and as the seasons change, you may notice that your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system has become less efficient, when it comes to heating or cooling your home. However, don’t panic! Here are some tips to help you decide whether you may need to replace your entire HVAC system, or whether you may only need to acquire some usual maintenance and/or make repairs to the system.
  1. Don’t jump to conclusions. Don’t automatically assume you need to replace your entire HVAC system, if it seems the unit has not been functioning as it once was. Otherwise, you may set yourself up to unnecessarily spend money on purchasing a new system, when you could have had other options instead. Be sure to consider all of your options, whenever possible, before purchasing a new system. An HVAC professional can tell you whether the system simply may need repairs, or whether it may be time to purchase a new unit.
  2. Pay attention to any increases in fees you may have paid for your electric. If the amount of money you’ve spent to cool your home during the summer this year, is more than the amount you spent last year (and you’ve kept the temperature settings the same), you may have a problem with your HVAC system. Fluctuations in the cost of your electric is one way to tell whether your system may need maintenance, repairs, or maybe even, to be replaced. And, in addition to the higher payments, you may sometimes also see a large amount of liquids leaking from your HVAC unit. If that is the case, it may be a sign that your system is in need of repairs.
  3. If your unit sounds like there’s something different, there probably is. Listening for strange, or loud noises, coming from your HVAC unit, is one of the primary ways to tell when something is wrong. If you are hearing noises, or smelling something strange, it’ s likely a sign that your system may be in need of repairs, or that there may be a certain mechanism within the system which may need to be replaced. And, if you begin hearing strange sounds more often, and over long periods of time, it is likely a good time to call an HVAC technician, to check out the situation. In fact, you’ll want to call a technician as soon as possible, in order to avoid allowing the potential problem to get worse. Calling a technician promptly may help you avoid purchasing a new unit, which may be costly, instead of making a simple repair.
  4. Think about how long you’ve had your HVAC unit, and whether it still has enough life left in it. Most HVAC units will last about a decade. So, think about how long it’s been since you’ve purchased a new unit, and whether or not it seems like it may be time to retire the unit you already have. If you do have an HVAC unit that you’ve had for a decade, or longer, be sure not to overuse the unit, because you may risk the damaged unit becoming dangerous over time. Some failing units may even begin to contaminate the air in your home, instead of replenish it. As a result, if you feel your system has outlasted its usefulness, think about having a specialist look at the system, and possibly acquiring a new one.
In the end, it’s always a good idea to keep these tips in mind, when deciding whether it’s time to purchase a new HVAC unit for your home. Be sure to think through all your decisions, and spend time finding the right method for solving any HVAC problems you may have in your home! Good luck!

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